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Monday, 28 November 2022

Party like it's 1996 with this Palm Pilot emulator

Do you miss your Palm Pilot or, even worse, are too young to have used one? Panic not, because the Internet Archive just emulated it in your browser.

The Palm Pilot was arguably the precursor to smartphones and was a small touchscreen device that you could do all kinds of things with. You could write using a stylus and janky handwriting recognition and you could send emails and whatnot. It was both terrible and awesome, and now you can (re)live it in a web browser as well.

The process of getting various Palm Pilot apps into the emulator is still ongoing, but there are well over 500 of them for you to take for a spin including games and more. It's a dive back into the heady days of the pre-iPhone era, and it's stunning.

Hey, so, don't tell anyone, but I'm announcing PalmPilot emulation at Internet Archive for the holidays, probably next week. All the currently-working items need descriptions, so it's not quite ready. Don't tell anybody, OK?

â€" Jason Scott (@textfiles) November 24, 2022

You can thank Jason Scott for making all of this work, with the archivist saying in a recent interview that it only took six months to get the existing CloudPilot emulator ready to be put onto a website. That doesn't mean the whole project is done though, and Scott says that there is plenty of work to do and that the project isn't "quite ready" yet.

Still, this Palm Pilot emulator is there and it is super cool. You can try it out on your computer right now, but the best way to get the full experience is to use your phone instead. Just pretend you're doing it 25 years ago and you'll get the full experience.

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