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Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Nothing Phone (1) will get its Android 13 beta within two weeks

The first Android 13 open beta for the Nothing Phone (1) will arrive within two weeks according to Carl Pei - and some can install it today.

Those who own a Nothing Phone (1) will no doubt be looking forward to the day when they can install Google's latest version of Android on it. Pei says that the update will be available in "open beta in two weeks" while a closed beta is now available, although he didn't explain how people can go about getting in on that.

In fact, it isn't really clear how people will go about installing the beta once the open period kicks in either, but we can surely expect there to be more information made available within that two-week timeframe. After all, why mention the open beta at all if it is going to be difficult to join? We also don't have any real information on which regions will be included in either the closed or public beta, either.

Nothing OS Android 13 closed beta starts today. Open beta in two weeks.

â€" Carl Pei (@getpeid) November 30, 2022

Nothing had already said that Android 13 is coming to the phone in a fully complete state in early 2023. A late-2023 window for the release of the first beta was also suggested and it looks like Nothing has been able to hit that window pretty much dead on.

While some people are understandably pointing to other Android 13 rollouts and saying that Nothing is coming from behind, at least it's happening - and with Nothing's previously aggressive release schedule we can only hope the beta program will move at a fair old pace.

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