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Friday 18 November 2022

Google Maps gains AR-based Live View, EV charging info, and more

Google Maps has gained a number of new features including Live View in select countries and improved real-time EV charger information.

The updated Google Maps adds new features and tweaks existing ones to cement its position as one of the best mapping apps on both iPhone and Android. This new update is an especially big one if you're driving an EV, too.

Starting with the AR element, Google says that Live View is now live in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo for users of its Maps app on iOS and Android. Live View uses AR to help people find points of interest like coffee shops and stores by holding their device up and using seeing map and directional data right on the screen.

Drivers of EVs have been able to get real-time information about local charging stations for a while. But now Google Maps has a new filter that lets people choose to see fast charge-capable locations. That's those with chargers rated for 50kW or higher so cars and trucks can be powered up more quickly.

Other improvements include the expansion of wheelchair-accessible and stair-free information globally. The feature was only available in Australia, Japan, the UK, and US before this update. Accessible seating, restrooms, and parking can all be seen via the Accessible Places setting in the Google Maps app.

All of these changes should be live in the Google Maps app on the platform of your choice right now.

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