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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ cleans, dries and empties itself, then refills its own water tank

As part of its major launch event in Munich, Xiaomi unveiled a new generation of robot vacuum. It's called the Robot Vacuum X10+ and offers a whole host of high end features, making it even more convenient than before. 

The new X10+ has a fully automated docking station that cleans and dries the vacuum's mop pads - to avoid odours - and also empties the dustbin and refills the water tank used for mopping floors. 

As well as that, it as a 3D obstacle avoidance system, which uses a camera on the front along with the other sensors, to detect any obstacles in its path then calculates a route around them. 

Along with the dual-line laser and the LDS navigation system, the mop can build a detailed and accurate map of your home, and plan the most effective route to vacuum and mop it. 

As for other specs and features, there are two rotating mop pads for cleaning hard floors, with carpet detection to ensure you don't end up with a damp rug. 

Those aforementioned mopping pads offer pressurised mopping, to ensure that the vacuum not only wipes off the surface grime and dirt, but can also remove stubborn stains thanks to the added friction. 

Both the dustbin and the water tank have 2.5L capacity, while the suction power of 4000Pa should mean effective removal of dust and debris from most surfaces. 

Xiaomi hasn't announced yet what the pricing or availability will be, but we expect the Robot Vacuum X10+ to launch in the coming weeks, along with the other products launched during its event in Munich. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/smart-home/news/xiaomi/162867-xiaomi-robot-vacuum-x10-plus

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