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Tuesday 25 October 2022

Sony's LinkBuds S Earth Blue earbuds are made from old water coolers

Sony has announced a new color for its popular LinkBuds S wireless earbuds, but it's more than just a look â€" they're made from recycled water coolers.

The snappily-named LinkBuds S Earth Blue offering is made using recycled resin materials generated from recycled plastic water dispensers, Sony says. The material was first created by Sony as a way to explore the potential use of the materials used in water dispensers while also making use of the unique adhesive properties. The result is this new, more eco-friendly pair of earbuds.

The happy accident of all of that is that the LinkBuds S Earth Blue earbuds and charging case both have a unique marble pattern to them, and it's definitely a pleasing look. It's a blue-and-white combination that is difficult to place, but Sony's marble description is pretty accurate.

These things have more eco credentials, too. Sony says that $2 from the sale of each LinkBuds S will be donated to marine conservation activities. We're told that in turn means that every purchase will protect nearly 58,824 square meters of ocean, which sounds like good news to us.

Beneath the new construction, these are the same LinkBuds S that we've already reviewed which means that you can look forward to a great fit and sound. Battery life is rated at 20 hours when using the included charging case, and Google Fast Pair support is of course included.

The new-look LinkBuds S Earth Blue earbuds will go on sale starting next month and cost approximately €200/£180 in Europe. Those in the United States will pay $199.99 when they go on sale "at the end of October".

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