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Thursday, 27 October 2022

Meet UPDF, the most feature-dense PDF editor on the market (40% off)

PDF editors are handy tools. If you were to Google 'PDF editors online,' you'll easily find dozens of software that claim to edit your PDFs. However, some of them are unsafe or only offer limited features.

UPDF by Superace Software is one of the market's most comprehensive PDF editors, with dozens of features and hundreds of editing options. Thanks to UPDF, users can cut, resize, underline, comment, or export PDF files without a hassle, and they can do it across devices. This article dives a bit deeper into exploring the power of this PDF editing tool.

Note that the overview below is about the desktop version of the app. The review for the mobile device version will be covered in another article.

What Is UPDF?

UPDF is an acronym for Universal, Productive, Delightful, and Fast. These are the go-to words to describe this PDF editor offering robust tools to master PDF files across platforms.

This software allows users to boost their document productivity on all major platforms. The availability across devices (mobile and desktop) will enable you to work, review, or sign documents on the go.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology on which UPDF is built makes it a breeze to export PDF files to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and many more formats, as well as extract text from images and PDFs in over 40 languages.

In combination with the PDF editing tips offered by the developers on the official website, users can truly create stunning PDF documents.

UPDF Availability

You can download UPDF is available on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS (iPad, iPhone) devices.

Note that there is a PDF editor with a similar name called 'uPDF' (with a minuscule 'u') across online stores. This is a different editor that's in no way related to UPDF.

UPDF Highlights

  • Stunning UI design
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • One purchase for all platforms

The UI Design

Hardly any PDF editor, to our knowledge, has such a smooth UI design. Working in UPDF is pleasant for the eyes and doesn't feel overwhelming or tedious. You can use the icons on the left-hand sidebar to perform different actions like:

  • Comment
  • Edit
  • Organize Pages
  • Crop Pages
  • Watermark & Background
  • Thumbnails
  • Bookmarks

On the right-hand side are the navigation and sharing buttons, including:

  • Search
  • Export PDF
  • Save as PDF/A
  • Protect using password
  • Share with others
  • Send file by email

At the top of the interface, users will find the zoom in and out icons, fast 'First page' and 'Last page' navigation, slide show option, and 'Next Page' and 'Last Page' options.

Fast Performance

UPDF is a trustworthy, stable, and fast PDF editor. It offers a lag-free user experience, opens PDF files at super-fast speeds, and follows your commands instantly.

Affordable pricing â€" one for all

When you purchase UPDF, you get universal access to all platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android systems. There's no need to buy each software separately.

And when you compare this PDF editor to the competition, you'll find that it's half the price of other platforms. Plus, you can get an additional 40% discount off UPDF.

Now that we have gone over the highlights let's explore the key features of this PDF editor. There are more than a few unique elements, so you better prepare yourself.

Key UPDF features you should know about

  • Text editing â€" Add, remove, or modify text font, size, and colour in a PDF file.
  • Image editing â€" Rotate, resize, crop, insert, or export images in PDF.
  • Page editing â€" Reorder, rotate, insert and extract pages, and delete or replace pages in PDF.
  • Read and Annotate PDF â€" Underline, highlight, strikethrough, and add text boxes, comments, stamps, shapes, or stickers to markup a PDF.
  • Convert PDF â€" Convert from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PNG), HTML, RTF, HTML, Text, PDF/A, or XML file format.
  • OCR â€" Supports converting scanned or image-based PDFs to searchable or editable files in over 40languages.
  • Sign PDF â€" Add handwritten signatures using a trackpad, mouse, or keyboard to a PDF contract or form.
  • Protect PDF â€" Set a permission password or open password to protect a PDF from unauthorized access.
  • Share with others - Easy sharing features with online link generation.
  • Crop feature â€" Makes it easy to crop one or multiple pages of the document.
  • Adding a watermark â€" Create a text, image, or PDF watermark featuring any content you want.
  • Keep your place - Adding bookmarks and thumbnails.

The development team behind the software constantly works to improve the user experience. They are in the process of adding new features like fill and create forms, digital signatures, batch processing bulk PDFs, and more.

New-generation PDF editor well worth the money

After testing the software on a macOS device, it's arguable that UPDF is a PDF editor like no other. Some of its strongest points are a user-friendly interface, a whole set of useful features, and decent pricing. If you'd like to learn more about the software or download it on your device, you can do all that and more by visiting the official website.

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