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Wednesday 26 October 2022

Samsung's Camera Assistant makes your phone's camera way better

Samsung has released a new Good Lock module designed specifically to help make the camera on the Galaxy S22 even better by adding new options.

Good Lock is an app that allows additional customisation options for those who want to get down and dirty with their phones. The latest Good Lock module is Camera Assistant, and it's all about giving photographers new options for tweaking their Samsung Galaxy S22's camera features. It's available now, although it's currently in beta - something to consider before giving it a try.

Assuming you do decide to dive in with Camera Assistant will find that you now have a number of new toggles to play with. Some of them are more interesting than others, but key additions include the ability to fully disable Auto HDR as well as the feature that softens pictures by smoothing out sharper edges.

Other switches you might want to flick include a faster shutter that captures fewer frames to make things more speedy, but note that there's a chance of degraded picture quality with that one.

Tired of the feature that means your Galaxy S22 automatically records a video when you press and hold the shutter button even when in Photo mode? You can disable that thanks to Camera Assistant.

You can learn more about the Camera Assistant in a post about it in Samsung Community forum but a full release is expected to happen next year. The beta itself is available for download via the Galaxy Store, but only in some regions, unfortunately.

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