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Friday, 28 October 2022

This Simpsons x Adidas Stan Smith collab is meme gold

Purveyors of fine Twitter memes are going to love this The Simpsons x Adidas Stan Smith collab featuring none other than meme lord Homer Simpson himself.

The folks at Adidas are no strangers to The Simpsons tie-ins but this one featuring Homer Simpson is particularly cool. Not only does it feature the guy's name in gold lettering on the side of the shoe itself, but it also has a homage to perhaps the most infamous Twitter meme of all - Homer Simpson backing into a green bush.

The meme is often used when people are trying to depict someone trying to fade into the background for whatever reason, but that's something you absolutely won't do wearing these special Stan Smith sneakers. They might be white, but that splash of green and yellow on the heel really makes them stand out. There's green on the tongue, complete with a picture of Homer Simpson himself. He's below the Adidas and Stan Smith artwork.

Little is really known about these sneakers beyond what you can see shared on Instagram above. There has been no official announcement so far, so we, unfortunately, don't know when they will go on sale or how much they'll cost.

We do know that we absolutely need to add a pair of these things to our collection, though. We're sure you probably do, too.

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