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Monday, 31 October 2022

There's now a Peloton Wear OS app but it's better on Apple Watch

Owners of Peloton fitness gear now have a new Wear OS watch app they can use, but that isn't anywhere near as impressive as it might sound.

First, the good news. There's now a Peloton app for your Wear OS 3 wearable, like the Google Pixel Watch. The app can detect your heart rate and whatnot, as you'd expect. You can also use the data collected by your wearable to inform any Peloton classes you might be running on your phone, too.

But things start to go wrong when you realise that you have to start those workouts on your phone, not your watch. And things get even worse when you find out that you can't connect your watch to your Peloton hardware. That's something Peloton added to the Apple Watch version of its app earlier this year, although you need the Peloton Bike+ for it to work.

It took a while for Peloton to get around to adding that feature to the Apple Watch app, though, so maybe it'll get there for Wear OS users eventually, too. If it does, it seems likely you'll also need that Peloton Bike+ in order to make use of it.

Right now the Peloton Wear OS app is more of a standalone thing, but if that's all fine for you, happy days! You can download the Peloton app for Wear OS right now. It's free to download and can be picked up from the Google Play Store today.

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