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Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Nothing Ear (stick) lands with rotating case, ergonomic design and affordable price tag

Having already teased it at a fashion show, Nothing has now officially unveiled its latest audio product: the Nothing Ear (stick). It's not an Ear (1) replacement, but an alternative to give you the option of something a little different to its first pair. 

The most obvious change is the cylidrical transparent case which rotates to open and shut. It reminds us somewhat of the charging case that came with the VerveOnes back in the early days of true wireless earbuds. 

It's not designed this way purely to look different, but also because - when shut  - it won't randomly open when you drop it. You have to deliberately rotate it to open and get to your buds, which should mean that it won't be as easy to lose them.

Apart from that, it's a very Nothing-like design, meaning, the case is transparent with solid white and red accents.

The buds themselves look very much like the original Ear (1), except for one key detail: there's no silicone tip. These are designed to rest in your ears, like the basic AirPods, to offer a comfortable and easy-to-wear feel that doesn't feel invasive at all.

To ensure you still get good sound, Nothing built the buds with their own bespoke 12.6mm driver, saying that it offers great bass, with three high-definition microphones built into the buds working with an algorithm to ensure you get that same quality bass regardless of how the buds fit you.

There's no ANC in this model, but you do get seamless software integration with the Nothing Phone (1), with the buds appearing in the phone's quick settings tiles immediately after pairing and connecting, and with the ability to tweak EQ and see information like battery life without installing an app.

For those with iPhones and other Android phones, you can download an app and get the same basic functionality.

With 7 hours music playback outside of the case, the Ear (stick) offer good longevity, with a further 22 hours offered by the charging case. The buds are also IP54 rated against water and dust ingress. 

You'll be able to buy Nothing Ear (stick) from 4 November, with the buds initially part of a 100 unit limited presale. In the UK you'll also be able to buy them from Selfridges, FarFetch, John Lewis and from Nothing direct, with the price tag set at a very reasonable £99. 

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