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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Xbox Game Pass streaming device spotted on Phil Spencer's shelf

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has a habit of teasing future hardware by surreptitiously placing it in plain sight - often in a video address or photo. And, it seems he has done so again, this time with the much-discussed Xbox streaming device or "puck", as some have taken to call it.

It is no secret that Xbox has been working on a device to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to TVs without the need for an Xbox console or Samsung set (which has its own Gaming Hub). However, we hadn't seen any evidence of the hardware itself... until now.

Vault Boy left the shelter and stopped by my office to celebrate the #Fallout25 Anniversary. Congratulations to the @Fallout @Bethesda teams on this major milestone for an iconic franchise.

â€" Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) October 10, 2022

Spencer posted a photo taking in his office of his famed gaming shelves, with a new Vault Boy figure front and centre. More interesting is a white, obling device on the top shelf that looks a bit like a mini Xbox Series S.

The Verge's Tom Warren, who is also somewhat an Xbox and Microsoft expert, believes it to be the streamer the Xbox boss mentioned in May this year - which has also been known by the codename Keystone.

The exciting part of this is that its debut in public suggests a release can't be too far off. Spencer rarely places something on his shelves that isn't imminent.

It will undoubtedly connect to a TV via HDMI and have wired and wireless streaming capabilities. We suspect it'll come with an Xbox Wireless Controller, but all the games will be served via Xbox Cloud Gaming and a Game Pass subscription.

It might even support additional media services, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, as it looks to be your main source for streamed content.

It's not yet known whether it will be 4K HDR-enabled though, with the Samsung Gaming Hub limited to 1080p and 60fps gaming. But, considering this cheeky tweet, maybe we don't have too long left to find out.

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