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Monday, 17 October 2022

Windows 11 may be crippling AMD Ryzen 7000 performance

Owners of AMD's speedy Ryzen 7000 CPUs might find that they aren't as fast as they should be when gaming on Windows 11, it's been reported.

While the AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs are more than capable, being the company's latest and greatest chips, that isn't currently translating into high-speed gaming when running Windows 11. That's according to tests carried out by CapFrameX and Hardware Unboxed who shared their results to Twitter. According to them, something is very much afoot - and it looks like the Windows 11 thread scheduler is to blame.

First, the results. When running Metro Exodus it was found that previous AMD chips were good for upwards of 176 frames per second, a number that flopped to 151 frames per second when using the Ryzen 9 7950. The consensus is that the new chip's double Core Compute Die (CCD) configuration is causing the thread scheduler to go awry, affecting frame rates as it goes.

Update with SMT off. Disabling SMT can almost fix the performance loss.

What does the mean? Maybe reducing the thread pool of the game reduces the probability that 2 of N threads sharing data are spread across different CCDs because N/2 over 2 is much smaller than N over 2.

â€" CapFrameX (@CapFrameX) October 15, 2022

Testing did show that disabling the second CCD on the latest chips did improve performance somewhat. And, realistically, who wants to start disabling parts of their new flagship - and costly - chip? Nobody, that's who.

The smoking gun was found when CapFrameX tested what would happen if they disabled Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) with the results being that performance was again improved, although not to the levels that someone running the best chip AMD can produce would expect. Doing the same with a single CCD chip also improved performance even further, pointing the finger squarely at Microsoft's thread scheduler.

So what happens next? It's probably now down to Microsoft to issue a Windows 11 patch that fixes things, but for now, owners of AMD Ryzen 7000 chips are probably best just hanging fire. And the same might go for those thinking about a purchase, too.

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