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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Twitter users can now use GIFs, images and videos in the same tweet

It's been a busy week at Twitter, we've seen the platform begin trialling the edit button, and it would appear that Elon Musk is proceeding with his buyout, too.

But that's not all, Twitter users the world over will now be able to combine images, videos and GIFs in one post.

What's more, this isn't something restricted to premium Twitter Blue subscribers, everyone can use it.

Previously, tweets could contain a single video or GIF animation or multiple images. Now, a single tweet can contain all three.

whoa, it works

now everyone can mix GIFs, videos, and images in one Tweet, available on iOS and Android

â€" Twitter (@Twitter) October 5, 2022

Twitter said in a blog post, "we're always looking for new and exciting ways to help creators share more and be seen. Mixing different types of visual content together in a single Tweet allows creators to express themselves beyond 280 characters and gives them more ways to tell their story."

The new feature is available in the Twitter iOS and Android apps, but there was no mention of desktop or third-party support just yet.

Of course, the new mixed media tweets can be viewed on all platforms, it's just posting that's restricted to the app.

Twitter has also been hard at work implementing a new way to watch full-screen vertical video on the platform, but it's restricted to English-language iOS users, for now.

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