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Thursday, 13 October 2022

Roblox has a new FIFA-backed World Cup game with... bowling

With the Qatar FIFA World Cup just weeks away, football's governing body has released its official game - and it's in the world of Roblox.

Following the souring of the relationship between EA and FIFA - something that means there will be no FIFA football game next year - the sport's leaders have turned to Roblox for help. The result is FIFA World, a Roblox game that lets players do all kinds of things, like play everything other than football.

A press release from FIFA lauds a "groundbreaking partnership" that will give people free-to-play access to FIFA World via Roblox. When players sign in they'll be able to do a few different things, such as play footbowling, watch content from the FIFA+ video library, and collect in-game stickers that are oddly sponsored by VISA, of all companies. It's all kinds of strange, but FIFA seems very excited about it.

FIFA 23 will be getting the World Cup as a downloadable addition in the coming weeks. But hey, that's no footbowling now, is it?

Why FIFA would choose to partner with Roblox is obvious, of course. With a claimed 50 million daily users, all likely skewing to the younger demographic, it makes sense. FIFA, an outfit often accused of being out of touch, wants to get in with the young crowd. But is this the way to do it?

We suppose it's a step into the metaverse at least, something other companies have also dabbled in over the last few months.

You can find out for yourself - FIFA World is available to play now.

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