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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Pixel Watch aims to deliver the best of Google and the best of Fitbit

The Google Pixel Watch is now official, with Google unveiling the device at its Made by Google event. The launch was preceded by a tease at Google I/O 2022, followed by plenty of additional information from the company.

The Pixel Watch is a major move from Google. It's the first foray into watches from Google's Pixel line, which is driven by the idea that Google designed and built it. However, the timeline of wearables that Google has been involved with is fairly rich.

In 2017, it worked with LG to bring the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style to life and more recently, it paired up with Samsung for WearOS 3, which launched on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

It's perhaps no surprise that there's still some similarity between the Pixel Watch and the LG Watch Style, with Google opting for a round design with a crown on one side - we can't help feeling that the Pixel Watch looks like an evolution of that older device.

The Pixel watch uses 3D domed Gorilla Glass, designed to have a soft and seamless look, almost like a perfect pebble on your wrist. The metal work is all stainless steel, while the bands have a clever attachment design, inspired more by the Apple Watch than any conventional timepiece.

This allows you slide and lock the bands into place and there will be seven different designs at launch - active bands, leather, metal and fabrics. The watch itself will come in black, silver or gold colours.

The watch will be loaded with sensors - GPS, heart rate, ECG, accelerometer and so on - with Google claiming that this will be really accurate for all-day heart rate monitoring. There will also be Wi-Fi and LTE versions, so you can stay always connected.

It's powered by the 2018 Exynos 9110 chip, while Google has outlined that the Cortex M33 co-processor on the system-on-chip will handle things like fitness functions to allow for long life without draining the battery.

Google says that the Pixel Watch is a stock expression of WearOS 3.5, but there will be a range of features that are exclusive to Pixel Watch and not part of the core software you'll get on other devices.

That will allow lots of customisation of the watch face - with 18 unique face families you won't find elsewhere - while the big news is that the Pixel Watch will also integrate Fitbit.

The Pixel Watch effectively becomes the flagship Fitbit device, offering seamless integration into the Fitbit experience, while claiming to be the most advanced Fitbit device.

That will not only cover the sports experience, but also integrate sleep tracking, allowing you to get a "daily readiness" report a little like Garmin's Body Battery.

Of course there's seamless integration into the Google experience so you'll be able to access things like Google Maps navigation, Google Assistant, Google Wallet for payments via NFC, access Google Home as well as a full range of Wear OS apps, like Spotify and Strava.

You'll also be able to make and receive calls, with seamless handover between watch and phone.

There's also a fun extra for Pixel phone owners, with the Pixel Watch able to be used as a remote camera shutter.

The Google Pixel Watch will be launching in UK, France, Germany, US, Canada, Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

It will cost £339 for the Wi-Fi version or £379 for the LTE version. Pre-orders open immediately with wider availability from 13 October.


Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/smartwatches/news/google/162883-pixel-watch-google-fitbit-smartwatch

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