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Thursday, 20 October 2022

New Xbox Series X/S update lets you control your TV's volume

A new software update for your Xbox means that it can now be used to control the volume of your TV for the first time. No more diving for the remote!

The new Microsoft Xbox software update brings with it a number of improvements, but the most notable is an expansion of the console's Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support. CEC allows devices to control others that are connected via HDMI, and Microsoft's latest software update means that Xboxes can use CEC to turn a connected TV's volume up and down using a software menu. It's all rather slick - just press the Xbox button on your controller and navigate to the "Audio & Music" section to get started.

Speaking of sound, another new addition is the ability to mute your Xbox's startup sounds, doing away with that chime that can sometimes take us all by surprise. There's more, too. Microsoft has renamed some of the power state options including changing "Standby" to "Sleep," while Xbox passkeys and guest keys are now called Xbox PINs. Small but notable changes, both.

This latest update brings with it an Xbox controller firmware update as well, dealing with bug fixes across USB flight sticks that connect to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Additional fixes have also been applied for a number of other first-party Xbox controllers, including the latest Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

If you have your Xbox set up for automatic updates you might already have this new software installed. If not, you can download it manually right now via your console's settings.

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