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Tuesday, 18 October 2022

How to transfer your Netflix profile to a new account

Netflix has added a new feature that should finally make it possible to keep your watchlist and viewing history even if you know you're going to lose access to a Netflix account, or that you're going to kick someone off your own account.

The system lets you move a personal profile over to a new account to keep a range of details, although it'll only work when moved to a brand new account. It's perfect for life events that mean you need a new account to watch your favourite shows.

Here's everything you should know about the new feature.

What can you move to a new Netflix account?

Firstly, it's worth being clear about what you can bring with you when you move your profile over to a new acccount.

Netflix says that your profile will bring with it its recommendations, viewing history, saved titles in My List, game saves, subtitle appearance and other settings.

This means that you should be able to pick up watching on a new account without it feeling any different at all.

How to transfer your Netflix profile to a new account

Firstly, this feature is pretty new and only started rolling out worldwide on 17 October 2022, so you may or may not have access to it yet.

In most countries, the setting will be automatically activated, but in the US and South Korea you will have to go into your account settings to turn it on. When the migration tool is available you should get an email to let you know, regardless.

Once it's active, you'll find the "Transfer Profile" option under the drop-down when you click on your profile image while using Netflix - tapping or clicking on this will start you off.

Again, though, you'll only be able to move the profile onto a new membership, so you cannot assign it to another account that you already have.

Once you enter the required details for your the new account, the profile will be moved over and you'll have separate accounts.

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