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Monday, 17 October 2022

How to fix a stuck PS5 disc

The PlayStation 5 is a mighty console, but it still relies on a mechanism that's been around in one form or another since the original PlayStation - a disc reader.

Obviously we've graduated from CDs up to 4K Blu-Ray quality, but the mechanics involved are pretty similar, and that makes for one big potential issue: discs getting stuck.

It's a common malaise, and one that can be devilish to fix if you don't know how. Thankfully, there's actually a relatively easy way to get a stuck disc out of your PS5.

How to fix a stuck PS5 disc

One of the well-known hidden features of the PlayStation 5 is that you can remove its face plates completely - whether you're hoping to attach new plates like those made by Dbrand, or because you're adding an expanded storage option with a new SSD.

This is the key to removing a stuck disc - if you take off the face plate on the side with the disc drive, you can access the drive itself.

One very important note is that all of this has to be done when the PS5 is completely disconnected from power, to make sure it's safe.

The surface of the drive that you can see has a few screws securing it, but one is marked out by a black sticker. This is our tool - turning this screw with a screwdriver in a clockwise direction will eject the disc manually bit by bit.

This method doesn't void your warranty, so it's a great option in a pinch. You can check out a great video walkthrough of the process by What Happens When, below, for a more visual guide.

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