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Thursday, 20 October 2022

Google pokes Apple about RCS, touts Messages improvements

Google has today shared 10 reasons why it thinks people should love using the Messages app on their Android devices, including a dig at Apple.

The latest disagreement between Google and Apple surrounds the use of RCS, a relatively new messaging standard that builds on SMS and makes it suck less. RCS allows for higher-resolution media and much more, but Apple doesn't support it. The company's iMessage already handles all of that, but when it comes to talking to green bubbles it's all about that SMS. And Google hates that. It's been bugging Apple about adding RCS support to iPhones for a while now.

But Google hasn't been standing still while it waits for Apple to jump on the RCS bandwagon. Today, the company shared a list of 10 reasons why it thinks people should enjoy using the Messages app on Android, complete with some RCS goodness thrown in.

You can check out the full ten reasons in Google's blog post, but some are more notable than others. For example, while Google already began allowing Android devices to receive emoji reactions from iPhone users, the company is now making that work both ways - Android users can now react to iPhone SMS messages, too. Google says that RCS is the end goal, but that it is "doing what we can to help Android users have a way to consistently react to messages". Score one for Google.

Other improvements include the ability to watch YouTube videos within Messages, a starring system for finding important messages later, and a feature that can create reminders and calendar entries right from within the Messages app. Google says that people flying on United Airlines will also be able to use United WiFi to send and receive RCS messages in the air, too.

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