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Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Garmin's second-generation Marq watches up the ante even further

Garmin has unveiled the second generation of its top-end Marq smartwatches, refreshing the lines internals and designs to make for welcome upgrades across the board.

The biggest change is the addition of an AMOLED touch display to each of the five announced models, transforming the brightness and clarity offered up by them all.

With new grade-5 titanium casings, they're also more durable than ever before, and can withstand truly crazy extremes of environmental challenge.

The five models on offer are the Athlete, Adventurer, Golfer, Captain and Aviator - each with a bespoke design and strap pairing that makes the most of the core usage imagined for it.

That means different bezels to help you, for example, keep a compass bearing on the Adventurer or watch which hole you're on with the Golfer.

All of the watches are 46 millimetre options, topped with a domed sapphire lens and featuring bespoke, unique digital watch faces that bring forward their special features, like the Captain's nottage information about the wind in your area.

Battery life has been boosted from the older Marq watches, now standing at 16 days in smartwatch mode and 42 hours with GPS fully active - that's multi-band GPS, too, although a smart battery saving mode will only use multiple bands when normal GPS is struggling.

Particularly impressive on the design front are the different buttons that each model has, to suit their needs - some, like the Adventurer, have gripper finishes to make gloved use easier, for example. All now have bezel guards on the action button, too, to prevent accidental inputs.

The first-generation Marq watches were really handsome already, but having seen the newer watches in the flesh at a preview event, we're impressed by how much more refined their designs are, paired with some welcome improvements on the smartwatch side of things.

There's even finally a new, smaller magnetic charger to go with them, something we're hoping trickles down to other Garmin watches in time. A single hour of recharge time means you don't have to be without your Marq for long, too.

The Marq second generation will start launch at £1599.99 for the Athlete, £1999.99 for the Adventurer, Golfer or Captain, and £2099.99 for the Aviator. All should be available to order near the end of October.

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