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Thursday, 6 October 2022

Corsair and Nanoleaf team up to sync RGB lighting in your gaming space

Fans of RGB rejoice! Corsair and Nanoleaf have announced a partnership which means you'll now be able to sync your Nanoleaf Smarter Decor products (including Nanoeaf Lines, Shapes and Canvas light panels) with Corsair's gaming peripherals and PC lighting solutions. 

This new partnership means that gamers can now add even more immersive RGB lighting to their gaming space and enhance their experience while doing so. If you're a big fan of Corsair products and already have some Nanoleaf lights then you're in for a real treat. If you don't, then now might be the right time to treat yourself. 


Nanoleaf says that this integration has been a highly requested feature. No surprise considering it has been some time coming.

Razer and Nanoleaf teamed up for a similar integration all the way back in 2019. And just recently Philips Hue also revealed its Play Gradient Lightstrip for PC and that too was built to be compatible with Corsair iCue.

So if you've got smart lighting in your gaming space or around your desk, then you're bound to have an even better experience now. 

Nanoleaf already has a screen mirroring system that allows you to sync your smart lights with what's on your screen. This integration with Corsair though means you'll be able to use LIghting Link to sync up the lighting across your desk and gaming space. 

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