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Thursday 13 October 2022

Apple Music, Apple TV, and iCloud photos are coming to your PC

Microsoft has confirmed that some of Apple's biggest apps and services are coming to Windows for the first time, including Apple Music and Apple TV.

The move will see brand new Apple Music and Apple TV apps make their Microsoft Store debut next year, although we're told that early beta previews of the two apps will be made available sooner than that. The apps will mean that Windows PC users will no longer need to use iTunes for music, while also ensuring all Apple Music features are made available.

The arrival of a new Apple TV app is perhaps the biggest addition of the two. Currently, anyone wanting to watch Apple TV+ content has to visit a website and watch via a browser, but  not anymore. Or, not when the app launches, at least.

In addition to the two apps, Microsoft has also confirmed that iCloud support is coming to its Photos app on Windows 11. The new iCloud integration will give people a way to view and edit photos from their iCloud Photo Library from within the Photos app, something that is currently impossible. We're told to expect that integration to be made available over the next few months.

All of these changes are huge deals for people who live their lives switching between Apple and Windows devices. Now, people with iPhones will be able to see all of their photos on their Windows PC without jumping through hoops, a big improvement. The same goes for Apple Music listeners who have had to make do with iTunes in recent years, too.

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