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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd gen) vs Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): What's the difference?

First unveiled in 2018, Amazon's Fire TV Cube is a hybrid device, combining the TV streaming capabilities of a Fire TV Stick with an Echo speaker - you don't need to switch on your TV to get the benefits of the Alexa voice assistant.

It was then upgraded a year later, with a 2nd generation version adding a faster processor and new remote control. Now we have a 3rd generation model that brings a few more features to the party and a bit of a design change, so here's what's different between the last two variants to help you decide whether to upgrade.


Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Design

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen): 86 x 86 x 77mm, 513g, fabric wrapped
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): 86.1 x 86.1 x 76.9mm, 465g

The "all-new Fire TV Cube", as Amazon currently calls it is approximately the same shape and size as its predecessor, albeit a little heavier. That won't matter when it's sat on a tabletop or stand, of course.

The main visible difference though is that its circumference is now covered in fabric, making it look more like an Echo speaker than before. This is said to improve the audio quality when using Alexa and playing music through the device.

Other than that, the design is familiar and the Cube performs a similar function to before - it can be used as an Alexa voice assistant even when the TV is off.

Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Specifications

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen):  Octa-core processor (4x 2.2Ghz, 4x2.0GHz), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, tri-band Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.2 + LE
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): Hexa-core processor (4x 2.2GHz, 2x 1.9GHz), 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0 + LE

There's a fair amount of change between generations when it comes to under the hood. The new Cube has a faster, octa-core processor so will perform tasks more speedily - it'll launch apps quicker, basically.

There's also better connectivity, with Wi-Fi 6E support for greater stability and speed, plus a later version of Bluetooth that offers more bandwidth.

The end result is that the 3rd generation Fire TV Cube should provide a smoother, more user-friendly experience.

Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Connections

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen): HDMI output, HDMI input, Ethernet, USB-A
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): HDMI output, Micro-USB

There's also a fair bit going on at the rear of the latest device. While the 2nd gen Cube had a simple HDMI output and Micro-USB port which could be used with an Ethernet adapter, the 3rd gen model has its own Ethernet port built-in.

It also matches the 4K 60fps-enabled HDMI output with an input, so you can feed a separate source into the Fire TV Cube and use its voice functionality to control your third-party equipment - whether that be a Sky, Virgin Media, BT or TalkTalk set-top-box in the UK, or a number of cable boxes in the US.

The new Fire TV Cube also has a standard USB port on the rear so you can attach additional storage, such as a USB stick or HDD.

Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Video and audio

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen): 4K UHD (2160p), HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): 4K UHD (2160p), HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos

Video and audio support is largely identical across both Fire TV Cube generations.

They are capable of up to 2160p 60fps video and support all the current HDR formats. Dolby Atmos and other 7.1 audio support is available on apps that offer it.

Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Remote and features

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen): New voice remote (Bluetooth), hands-free Alexa voice control
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): Voice remote (IR and Bluetooth), hands-free Alexa voice control

The 3rd generation Fire TV Cube comes with a new voice remote, although its not the Amazon Voice Remote Pro, which you can add to either device as an optional extra.


The latest remote is longer than the one that comes with the 2019 Cube but mostly the same in functionality. It ditches the IR feature though, so only works over Bluetooth (rather than line-of-sight).

Both Cubes come with hands-free Alexa voice control, although the 2022 version has slightly improved microphones, we understand.

Fire TV Cube (2022) vs Fire TV Cube (2019): Price

  • Fire TV Cube (3rd gen): £139.99 / $139.99
  • Fire TV Cube (2nd gen): Discontinued

You might be able to pick up the 2nd generation Fire TV Cube second-hand or from a third-party retailer but Amazon itself no longer sells it.

Pricing is therefore mostly irrelevant, with the latest version available for just under 140 pounds or dollars.


The new Fire TV Cube is clearly improved - it's not just a slightly tweaked model, as was the last upgrade.

However, you have to consider what you want to do with it. There's an argument to suggest that a Fire TV Stick 4K Max and separate Echo Dot speaker will do just as good a job in serving your TV and Alexa-enable audio needs, and at a fraction of the price. Still, if you do want to keep things simple, and like the idea of the same box controlling your paid TV service too, the latest Fire TV Cube certainly has enough new bells and whistles to make it worthwhile.

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