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Thursday 20 October 2022

5 Reasons to use a password manager instead of trusting your browser

We all want to keep our private information safe. Password safety is particularly important in that regard. In fact, it might be the single crucial element that allows you to take control of your online security.

When it comes to data breaches, 61 per cent are due to compromised credentials. In other words, stealing passwords is a favorite activity among cybercriminals. Fortunately, there are solutions to make your passwords as safe as possible from potential wrongdoers.

Of course, we're referring to password managers. But why use a password manager instead of a similar feature in your browser? This article will explain just that.

Key reasons why password managers are better

While the option to manage passwords is a welcome addition to most major browsers, it can't really compare to a dedicated piece of software created for that purpose alone. Here are five areas in which a good password manager stands out as a superior solution.

1. Password management in your browser is mediocre at best

It's worth mentioning that browser-based password management has some functionality. But while the feature isn't completely useless, it doesn't have the same power as specialized software.

Browsers can remember your passwords and even keep them in cloud storage. With automatic password saving, you can create strong passwords that you won't need to write down or remember. However, that's where this method stops being useful.

For instance, you might have all your passwords stored on your browser of choice. If you want to log into an account from another browser or platform, you won't be able to access your credentials immediately nor share your password with other people. Finally, browsers won't have the same level of protection as actual password managers and will be more prone to data breaches.

2. Password managers are versatile

Unlike your browser's features, an actual password manager will function seamlessly between platforms and different browsers.

A single manager can store your passwords across multiple devices and browsers. Plus, you can share your passwords easily with native sharing features. Better yet, if you change a password on your device, it will update the shared passwords for other users as well.

3. Better data protection

Web browsers aren't exactly well-known for keeping user data safe. In fact, a browser won't use advanced features like zero-knowledge architecture to maintain data security. On the other hand, leading password managers like Dashlane will do just that.

If you aren't familiar with the term 'zero-knowledge architecture,' let's provide a quick rundown.

Zero-knowledge means that nobody has access or detailed insight into your data except you. In theory, this would mean that your browser should handle your online activity, including passwords, without knowing what's going on. In practice, this isn't the case.

However, password managers do just that. When you save a password using a manager, you can access that password on demand. Yet, the service itself doesn't have that access. It can provide the password data but not read it. Naturally, this makes password managers a powerful tool in stopping cybercriminals, since they won't be able to access your passwords either.

4. Safe password generation

Many browsers lack the option to generate passwords. Some like Safari and Chrome have recently introduced such features, although they are still incomplete. Even if your browser can generate passwords, you likely won't be able to choose its length or the characters in it.

A dedicated password manager will create strong passwords automatically and store them for future use. As a bonus, you'll have greater customization options when it comes to generated passwords.

Password managers can also help you avoid weaker passwords. If you try to enter such a password manually, the service might warn you that the password isn't strong enough or that it's used on another website.

5. Saving your passwords â€" and more

A password manager will, of course, store your passwords. However, it can do more than that. For instance, you might be able to add text notes or file attachments that will be encrypted immediately. These might include scans of important documents or codes and passphrases that you need to use outside of your computer system.

Most password managers will have at least one feature that makes them better than browsers. And top-tier services like Dashlane will have it all. Let's look at what makes Dashlane so special.

Dashlane: An impressive password manager

You've likely heard of Dashlane before, and for good reason. This password manager has some amazing features that make it an industry leader. With 24/7 password protection, Dashlane offers seamless password management for people and businesses alike.

The tools Dashlane uses for digital security are the best in their class, which ties in with some crucial milestones this password manager has achieved. For instance, Dashlane currently serves over 200,000 organizations and 15 million people worldwide.

More impressively, the service has never experienced a breach in the more than 13 years it's been in business.

Still, not every business is eager to commit to a service for a longer period before testing how it fits with their employees. And many people hesitate to get a subscription and add to their monthly and yearly expenses.

Fortunately, Dashlane recently addressed these issues by updating their business and personal plans.

For businesses, Dashlane introduced the new Starter option. This is a low-cost plan with an equally low commitment. A business can get password management for a 10-person team at the low price of $20 per month. 

The other two plans for organizations, Dashlane Team and Dashlane Business, have their own advantages. For instance, Dashlane Business offers SCIM authentication, advanced password management, and integration via a single sign-on. In addition, Business plan admins can book a call with Dashlane's Customer Support on demand. You can check the pricing details for these plans here.

When it comes to personal plans, Dashlane has made a significant change in transforming their Dashlane Family plan into Dashlane Friends & Family. And the change isn't in name only.

With Dashlane Friends & Family, users can get ten Premium accounts with a single plan. The pricing is more than generous â€" the plan costs 75 cents per user, maxing out at $7.49 per month.

Even better, the Free plan was updated as well. Dashlane Free now contains additional features like unlimited password management and sharing and Secure Notes.

Best of all, businesses can give this excellent password manager a go right now. Try Dashlane's New Business Starter Plan now!  and you'll see why the service deserves its stellar reputation.

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