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Thursday, 1 September 2022

Withings Body Comp smart scale gives you a complete body assessment

Withings has announced the Body Comp smart scale during technology trade show IFA in Berlin, featuring multiple biomarkers to offer a complete body assessment that would usually only be possible in a professional setting.

The Body Comp smart scale measures full body composition, including weight, muscle mass, fat mass, water percentage, bone mass, BMI, and visceral fat. It also offers standing heart rate and vascular age, as well as a Nerve Health Score.

Visceral fat is the fat around the organs in your belly and it is claimed the Body Comp scale is the first consumer device to offer this measurement, alongside vascular age (the pliability of your blood vessels), and nerve health (the function of the nerves in your feet).

In addition to the Body Comp smart scale, Withings has also announced Health+, which is an extension of its Health Mate app, offering more premium, paid-for features. 

Health+ is designed to help you understand your health data and offer actionable insights and motivations to change outcomes. The Body Comp scale will be the first Withings device to work in tandem with the Health+ service and it will offer deep analysis of the measurements provided by the scale, as well as daily plans of what to do, plus suggested recipes and workouts to help you reach your chosen goals.

Additonally, the Health+ service features six-week habit-building modules, instructional workout videos, exercise plans, and nutritional advice, as well as weekly interactive reports.

The Withings Body Comp smart scale will be available from 4 October for $209.95. This price includes a 12-month subscription to Health+.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/fitness-trackers/news/withings/162439-withings-body-comp-smart-scale-health-plus

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