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Tuesday 13 September 2022

Official Fortnite SanDisk microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch now available

Western Digital has partnered with Epic Games and Nintendo to introduce a couple of official Fortnite microSDXC cards for Nintendo Switch.

Released under the SanDisk brand, the cards are available in 128GB and 256GB sizes and come with Skull Trooper and Cuddle Team Leader designs respectively.

Fortnite fans who buy the cards also get a code to redeem the rare Angular Flow Wrap2, for use in the game.

Whichever card you choose, it slots into the small storage expansion port on the Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, or Switch Lite. The 256GB version has enough extra storage for 10-20 extra games - more if they are smaller releases.


Both sizes feature read speeds of up to 100MB/s, so can load games quickly. They each sport up to 90MB/s write speeds. Prices start at $26.99 / £24.99 for the 128GB version, $49.99 / £42.99 for the 256GB.

"With hundreds of millions of fans across the globe, Epic Games is a leader and innovator in the gaming industry," said Western Digital's vice president of consumer solutions, Susan Park.

"We're thrilled to partner with Epic Games and Nintendo to help up-level the gaming experience for fans by bringing our specially themed memory cards to the Fortnite community."

Western Digital also offers Nintendo-branded SanDisk microSD cards for Switch, featuring Mario and Zelda motifs.

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