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Thursday, 15 September 2022

New Chromecast with Google TV HD to "cost $40", while major picture leak reveals all

Google will unveil a new version of its Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle in October, during its Made by Google event. That's the current feeling, anyway, with plenty of rumours and leaks supporting that theory.

The Chromecast with Google TV HD, as it is thought to be called, has popped up on certification websites in recent times, suggesting a launch is imminent, and now a stack of official-looking pictures have hit the web. In addition, an online leaker claims that US retailers have even received stock of the new device.

Posting on Twitter, @_snoopytech_ also reveals that it will retail for $40 - a touch more than the expected 30 bucks.

If that's largely underwhelming, brace yourself for the design, too - the new Chromecast looks almost exactly the same as the existing 4K model.

Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is 40 USD and already in Stock at a lot of retailers. Expect unboxing's and hands on's soon.

â€" SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_) September 14, 2022

A whole stack of "marketing pictures" have been posted by WinFuture that show a very familiar device.

To be fair, it's a fairly simple product that's designed to be hidden out of the way anyway. The remote is the only thing you'll see on a regular basis and that looks neat and simple.

collection: New Chromecast with Google TV HD renders

As for the new Chromecast's abilities - it'll more than likely do everything the existing model can save for 4K video and, possibly, Dolby Atmos audio. It'll be locked to 1080p and 5.1, we believe.

We'll find out for sure during the Made by Google event on 6 October, no doubt.

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