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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Motive Studio confirms it's making an Iron Man game for EA

EA's Marvel game has been announced and, as some guessed, it's based on Iron Man.

It is being developed by Motive Studio - the team behind Star Wars: Squadrons and the forthcoming Dead Space remake - and will be a single-player, third-person action-adventure.

Leading the project is Olivier Proulx, who also worked on the excellent Guardians of the Galaxy for Square Enix: "It's an honour and privilege to have the opportunity to make a video game based on one of the most iconic super heroes in entertainment today," he said.

"We have a great opportunity to create a new and unique story that we can call our own. Marvel is encouraging us to create something fresh. We have a lot of freedom, which is so engaging for the team."

The game is in pre-production, so is far from release. We doubt we'll see anything tangible for another year at the very least - maybe a teaser at E3 2023. EA promises to keep us updated as development progresses.

Indeed, it's rather unusual for a game to be announced this early in its schedule. However, speculation during the D23 Disney celebrations may have forced Electronic Arts' hand.

We can't wait to find out more on the project and hope we get a better flying mechanic for a besuitedTony Stark than in the current Avengers game.

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