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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Logitech Blue Sona dynamic XLR microphone promises studio-quality sound for creators

Logitech for Creators has revealed a new microphone that is unlike any other XLR mic on the market.

The company claims that the Logitech Blue Sona will offer "a superior studio-quality sound experience" thanks to its active dynamic design and ClearAmp technology. 

Blue Microphones has already built a reputation for high-quality audio capture over the years, but now Blue Sona is set to take that quality to the next level. This is a purpose-built microphone that's designed for streamers, podcasters and content creators. Not only promising clear, studio-quality sound, but also sporting a sleek design that looks great on camera. 

Blue Sona's highlights include the built-in ClearAmp technology which promises a strong +25dB gain boost. Meaning there's no need for extra hardware such as a mic booster. But the dual-diaphragm capsule and supercardioid pickup pattern will help to eliminate pesky background noise and focus on your voice. 

The creator-first design of this microphone means it's flexible too. With a 290-degree swivel mount which will allow you to setup and place the mic in a way that works for you in your setup. 

As an XLR microphone, you'll need an audio interface or pre-amp setup like the Rodecaster Pro 2 or GoXLR in order for it to work but you'll then have a professional sound like no other. 

Blue Sona comes in a couple of different colour options - graphite or off-white and has changeable windscreens too. So you can make it look great on camera. 

It's available to purchase now for £329, US$349.99 or €349, find out more here. 


Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/logitech/162619-logitech-blue-sona-dynamic-xlr-microphone-revealed

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