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Friday, 2 September 2022

Honor wants to boost device collaboration through MagicOS 7.0

Honor has used its IFA 2022 keynote to introduce MagicOS 7.0. The new OS is designed to boost the collaboration between Honor devices for a more seamless user experience.

MagicOS is going to facilitate devices on different platforms working with each other, meaning that your Android phone, your Windows laptop and your IoT devices will be more seamlessly in tune.

It follows a similar path to other manufacturers and we've seen previous solutions that aim to boost the experience when working across Android and Windows, all trying to address the pain points in those systems.  

Samsung offers similar solutions when working on Samsung devices on different platforms, as does Apple, and it looks like Honor wants to make the most of the devices it offers too.

Importantly it's a system-level solution, with Honor saying that you'll be able to control and Honor laptop and tablet with the same mouse, for example. That will allow you to drag files across devices, or to type on either device.

This isn't the first we've seen about MagicOS. There's previously been the appearance of Honor devices with MagicOS highlighted, but now it's coming closer to fruition. 

MagicOS 7.0 will be officially launched in Q4 2022.

Honor has also confirmed that it's joining various IoT consortiums, including Matter and Ola, again allowing better cross-platform collaboration between devices, while also committing to adding Microsoft's Phone Link to its international devices.

This is in place on the Honor Magic 4 Pro and will come to the Honor 70 via a software update.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/laptops/news/honor/162496-honor-wants-to-boost-device-collaboration-through-magicos-7-0

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