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Thursday 10 March 2022

You'll soon be able to track your Oculus fitness stats in Apple Health and more

Meta has announced that you'll soon be able to track your fitness activity from your Meta Quest 2 headset more easily via your phone. 

The company knows that a lot of people are using their Quest 2 headset to keep fit. Burning calories in various high-intensity games and experiences like FitXR, Supernatural, Lifeboxer and Beat Saber. Those same users also want to keep track of how much time they've spent in the experiences, how many calories they've burnt and general progress. 

That data is available via the Oculus Move tracker but that's inside the headset and not readily available elsewhere. That's about to change as next month you'll be able to access that data in more ways including via Apple Health.  

Firstly you'll be able to connect your Oculus Move app to the Oculus mobile app. From there you'll then be able to sync your stats including workout data, calories burnt and time spent in VR. You can then see those stats on your phone and more easily compare them with other activities. 

iOS users will also be able to sync that data with the Apple Health app and then easily track progress on any Apple iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch without manually inputting it. 

The company has made it clear that this is all opt-in though. So you wouldn't suddenly be sharing your fitness data with Facebook, Instagram and you'll have to choose to link it to Apple Health. 

If you're looking to have more fun and fitness in VR, there are plenty of suggestions:

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