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Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Why the EZVIZ C6 might be the ideal pet camera for busy working parents

Traditional security cameras and pet cameras have been riddled with one major problem - unwanted, inconsistent, and unreliable alerts and motion detection. Until recently, most security cameras have relied on motion detection technologies to provide smart alerts. But motion detection cameras are notorious for capturing motion from inanimate objects while not capturing the kinds of motion you truly need. But the EZVIZ Smart AI Camera C6 is here to change that.

If you're a pet parent, you probably want to know when your dog or cat does something cute, like when your cat wrestles with the tassels of your curtains. You also need smart alerts when your pets are being naughty, like when they're scratching into that lovely sofa you just bought! Meanwhile, you don't want to be disturbed with push notifications every time a gentle breeze wafts through your home and shakes the wind chimes.

Traditional pet cameras and security cameras haven't been great at differentiating between pets, humans, and motion from inanimate objects, making them less useful for those who don't want to have their notifications stack up while they're in a meeting. But the EZVIZ C6 is revolutionizing pet cameras using advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. Thanks to the EZVIZ Smart AI Camera C6, you can stay connected with your pets even when you're at work or halfway around the world! It has smart pet detection capabilities, so you can be assured there won't be any false alerts.

This article highlights how EZVIZ C6 is revolutionizing pet cameras using AI technology and why all parents need this 2-in-1 pet camera and security camera in their homes.


Introducing EZVIZ C6, the world's leading AI-based pet detection and smart security camera

EZVIZ is a great provider of smart indoor cameras, known for providing smart security cameras with human detection, 2K+ resolution, two-way intercom features, and much more. Its previous security cameras, C6N and C6W, have already become mainstays in the smart security market, a favourite amongst parents of pets and small children. However, with the rollout of the new EZVIZ Smart AI Camera C6, it's moving a step further to be even more pet-friendly with dedicated detection features.

You can certainly use the C6 as a traditional smart security camera, but it has unique inbuilt features for pet detection and communication with pets. The AI within this smart security camera is specifically designed and calibrated to detect pet shapes. It can also detect your pets' voices, and it uses smart auto-zoom features to follow your pets around the room and capture videos automatically, so you don't miss a single 'awww' moment.

AI-enabled smart human, pet, and voice detection

The biggest advantage of the EZVIZ C6 is its smart, advanced pet detection capabilities. Until recently, most smart security cameras have used motion detection capabilities to send push notifications. But motion detection (and even heat signature detection) can't distinguish between humans and pets, making it unsuitable for pet parents. Furthermore, most indoor cameras keep sending trivial push notifications. The EZVIZ C6 is a small camera with inbuilt AI-driven human and pet detection capabilities, voice detection, and more.

Human/ Pet Detection

Thanks to the camera's great pet detection, pet parents can configure the device to only send alerts when pet movements are detected, filtering out all unnecessary alerts and notifications.

Voice Activity Detection

The C6 camera informs you whenever there's a sudden change in the noise levels. If your dog starts barking or your cat knocks a vase off a table and breaks it, you will instantly receive a notification, allowing you to check in on them.

Auto-Zoom Tracking

The C6 camera can zoom up to 4x while following moving objects. If your pet is running and jumping around, the camera will follow its every movement while capturing a video, so you don't miss a single cute moment.

You can also easily set this to only follow humans or animals, letting you tailor when the zoom tracking kicks in.

Waving Hand Controls

The C6 camera also recognizes the waving hand motion. When someone waves their hands in front of the camera, they initiate a video call to your phone. This is the perfect feature for pet sitters who want to contact you.

Other noteworthy features of the EZVIZ C6

EZVIZ C6 is clearly one of the most sophisticated AI-driven pet detection cameras on the market. But its utility goes well beyond that of pet detection â€" it's also one of the most advanced smart security cameras, period. Below, we provide an overview of other noteworthy features that place it amongst the upper echelons of smart indoor cameras:

  • 2k+ resolution captures all details with perfect clarity
  • Automatically reduce image overexposures
  • Optimal visual clarity in low-light conditions
  • 360-degree panoramic view with smooth pan-and-tilt function
  • Stop recording videos with a single click for privacy
  • Two-way communication with those near the camera
  • Recognition of waving hand gestures
  • Safe local storage with a microSD card of up to 256 GB
  • Ability to subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for cloud storage

The EZVIZ Smart AI Camera C6 uses cutting-edge AI technologies to revolutionize pet detection, making it the ideal smart security camera for pet parents and everyone else. If you're looking for a smart indoor camera, the C6 is worth checking out. You can buy it from Amazon or from EZVIZ's trusted retail partners such as Very.


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