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Friday 4 March 2022

The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is the ultimate grip for your iPhone

iPhones serve numerous purposes. Most people use them to watch movies, hold video calls, do photography, take selfies, and so much more. Depending on the specific use, your iPhone may have to be held in different ways. When taking selfies, for example, you need to hold your iPhone away from your body while having a finger on the button, a delicate manoeuvre that often results in the iPhone slipping away and dropping to the floor.

The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip offers one of the most seamless transitions between different iPhone orientations. Whether you need to lay it down in portrait form or landscape form or hold it in your hands, this iPhone grip easily connects with your MagSafe case, offering a seamless experience. Below, we overview this iPhone stand and grip's unique features and capabilities.

Magnetic attachment for MagSafe compatible cases 

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip features an incredibly strong 3500G magnet. You can conveniently attach it to your iPhone 12/13 MagSafe-compatible case for an instant connection. The magnet is strong enough to remain attached even when considerable force is applied, so it won't come off unless you apply deliberate force to pull them apart. This ensures a strong, stable connection with your iPhone's MagSafe compatible case.

Pop it open, click it into place 

Using the CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is extremely simple. You have to simply open up the CLCKR strap and click it into place behind your iPhone. You can now turn it into a stand or use it as a grip for your hands. When you want to charge your iPhone, you have to simply slide the CLCKR off the MagSafe case.

Seamlessly thin

The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip is precision-designed to be as thin as possible, meaning that you'll hardly notice it's on the back of your phone when you're not using it. This means you can slip it into a pocket or bag just like you would without it attached.

It means you get all the benefits of being able to use the Stand and Grip when you need to hold on tight, but when it's not in use you can forget about it entirely.

Portrait stand for hands-free FaceTiming 

Let's say you're working away on your computer, cooking, or doing something else that involves using your hands while also holding a FaceTime video call. In that situation, you can't hold the phone for the entire duration of the call. You can try propping your iPhone against another surface, but then there's the risk of your iPhone falling face down, cracking the screen.

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip can be attached to your iPhone as a stand-in portrait form. You can rest your iPhone on the table and FaceTime with friends, family, or colleagues without using your hands. This device allows you to handle multiple tasks, such as cooking, reading a book, handling your computer, etc., while still holding seamless FaceTime conversations, and there's no risk of the iPhone sliding down or falling face down.

Landscape stand for watching your favorite shows 

One of the most common use cases for an iPhone is for watching videos and movies. If you're watching a long movie, holding the phone in your palm for the entire duration can be incredibly uncomfortable. Most people resort to finding other objects that they can prop their iPhones against, which is a fairly rough workaround, considering the iPhone may keep sliding down, interrupting your movie-watching experience.

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip turns your iPhone into the ideal movie-watching device. Once you click it into place behind the iPhone, it transforms into a stand that can be used in landscape form. You can rest your iPhone horizontally on a table, using the CLCKR device as a stand. You can watch complete movies without using your hand or worrying about the iPhone sliding down or falling face down.

Seamless grip to avoid dropping your phone

Selfies are the most common types of photographs taken on iPhones. When taking selfies, you need to hold your iPhone away from your body, perhaps at an elevated angle, and use one of your fingers to tap the camera button, either on the screen or the side of the iPhone. Some people can handle this manoeuvre easily; others find it incredibly challenging.

Whether you can take selfies seamlessly or not, you can't ignore one possible risk - the iPhone can easily slip out of your grasp and fall down. Even if you're not taking selfies, you might still drop your iPhone occasionally while only using one hand to scroll and text. You need a firm, stable grip that prevents your iPhone from falling down.

CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip serves as the perfect iPhone grip. Once you click it into place, there's no risk of it detaching from your iPhone unless you use force to pull them apart. You can brazenly hold the iPhone away from your body while taking selfies without the risk of it slipping out of your grip and cracking. You finally have complete peace of mind.

Antimicrobial protection for your phone

Our phones are prime spots for the accumulation of harmful bacteria and viruses because we regularly hold them against our mouths and ears. The bacteria from your body can proliferate on the phone, which can be fairly unsanitary. The CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip has an antimicrobial surface that prevents the accumulation and proliferation of bacteria, keeping your device completely clean and bacteria-free.

As you can see, CLCKR MagSafe Stand and Grip offers numerous benefits for iPhone users. Whether you're watching movies, FaceTiming, taking selfies, or simply scrolling and texting, the MagSafe Stand and Grip offers convenience and keeps your iPhone safe.

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