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Friday 11 March 2022

Steam Deck is now a Windows PC (sort of)

Out of the box the Steam Deck runs a custom version of SteamOS and uses Linux to power its functionality. That's great for most users, but with all that power under the hood, some have wondered why it can't do more?

Well, now you have to wonder no longer as Valve is making the Steam Deck even more appealing with the addition of support for Microsoft Windows. 

In an official post, Valve has revealed that drivers are now available for the handheld console which will allow it to play nicely with Windows. That includes GPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers at this point and Valve says it's also working with AMD on audio drivers. 

The company notes that you'll need to perform a full Windows install and that at the moment, you can only install Windows 10.

Windows 11 seemingly requires a BIOS update that's also being crafted as well, so will be on offer in future. Valve also says that the Steam Deck could potentially be ready for dual-booting in the near future too, but it "isn't ready yet". 

This is an interesting move from Valve and could open up more potential game compatibility in the future. We already have methods to see which games in your library will work with the Steam Deck but in the near future, that list may dramatically increase. 

In the meantime, Xbox has confirmed which of its games will work with Steam Deck and that list in itself is pretty fantastic too. 

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