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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Segway-Ninebot introduces new e-scooters, including a 70 km/h performance beast

Segway-Ninebot has unveiled its 2022 lineup of electric scooters and the brand has something for everyone.

Launching first will be the new D-series scooters, designed with value for money in mind.

There's nothing groundbreaking with these designs but they are finished in an attractive colourway and offer 25 km/h speeds.

The D18E, D28E and D38E are available to preorder now on Segway's website. The number of each model equates to the range offered by the scooter in kilometres, so the D38 can travel 38km on a single charge, for example. 

Prices start at £329 / €359 and D-series scooters are expected to ship by the end of March.

Next, Segway teased its upcoming Premium commuter scooters, the P-series, which will be launching towards the end of the year.

The P series is much more advanced and offers wide footboards, integrated indicators and new all-weather tyres.

There are also some great quality-of-life features like integrated USB-C phone charging and NFC unlocking.

The P100SE is the more exciting of the two models with a range of up to 100km and front and rear suspension for off-road action.

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Finally, Segway unleashed the most exciting in its new lineup, the flagship GT series scooters, and in particular the GT2.

The GT2 can travel at up to 70 km/h and it'll get there quickly too -  it can do 0-48 km/h in just four seconds.

Of course, that's not road-legal in the majority of places, but Segway says you can enjoy it "at the race track".

It has dual motors, self-healing pneumatic tyres and even traction control.

To keep things smooth, there is adjustable damper suspension on the front and back.

It also features a 900-lumen headlight as well as a daytime running light with anti-dazzling technology.

Last but not least, to stay in control, a transparent full-colour OLED dashboard tells you your speed, range, power mode and more.

The GT series scooters are expected to launch sometime in Q2/Q3 2022 and we're expecting them to cost a pretty penny.

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