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Friday 18 March 2022

Samsung slips out the Galaxy A73 5G without really telling anyone about it

Samsung has announced updates to its Galaxy A family, including the Galaxy A33 5G and the Galaxy A53 5G. What it didn't mention was the Galaxy A73 5G.

That was slightly odd, because the Galaxy A73 5G had leaked before the event and was expected to launch alongside the other devices. Prior to the event, notable leaker Evan Blass commented that instead of three devices, there would only be the two.

However, there is a Samsung Galaxy A73 5G. Samsung mentions it on one of its press releases with a single passing line: "Another new addition to the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy A73 5G, will also be available in select markets on April 22."

That's probably the reason it wasn't broadcast widely - because you're not going to be able to buy it.

The Samsung Galaxy A73 5G is the largest of the Galaxy A devices with 6.7-inch AMOLED display. Like the other devices in this family it sticks to full HD+ and it offers a 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung doesn't specify what powers this device, but it's likely the same 5nm Exynos 1280 as the phones launched alongside it, with 6/8GB RAM and storage options of 128/256GB, again with support for microSD up to 1TB.

There's a 5000mAh battery and 25W charging, so the hardware side is very much the same as the Galaxy A33 5G and the Galaxy A53 5G.

When it comes to the cameras there's a slight change, as the main camera here is 108-megapixel, which we only really see elsewhere in Samsung's line-up in the Ultra devices.

This is supported by a 12-megapixel ultra-wide, and again two less exciting cameras, the depth and macro.

Otherwise, the images appear to show a phone that's the exact same design as the Galaxy A33 and 53, again with IP67 protection, and coming in black, white and sage green colours.

So there you are: now you know everything about the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G - except, of course, the reason that Samsung kept this device hidden in its launch.

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