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Monday 7 March 2022

Produce splendid lighting effects that represent your personality with Cololight

In recent years, millennials and zoomers have increasingly veered away from traditional lighting styles to embrace personalized home lighting and decor. Instead of simply installing warm yellow lights or bright white lights, people are experimenting with a range of colours that can shift and transform with their moods. You may prefer blue lights at one point, red at another, and green at another, the lights in your home shifting with the cadence of your mood and personality.

Cololight produces a wide range of lighting solutions that can perfectly capture your personality and mood. Cololight is a range of uniquely shaped and styled lighting panels and strips that can help you produce dynamic ambient lights in your gaming stations and rooms, bedroom, or other rooms. You can also install lighting strips that automatically change shades and colours according to music, the time of the day, and other factors.

They're so impressive that they've won awards in multiple years at CES, and are super easy to control using Cololight's great companion app. Below, we provide an overview of the features of Cololight lighting panels and strips.

Produce complex and smooth lighting effects

Cololight allows you to produce complex, dynamic, and smooth lighting effects in your chosen rooms. You can choose between 16 million colour options and place the lighting panels and strips in any configuration, pattern, or style. You can change the lighting effects according to pre-established commands and specifications, using unique controllers, or even according to your music or gaming sounds.

Users can also easily create their own lighting scenes, thanks to the useful app, and Cololight's R&D team has invested thousands of hours in lighting effect optimization to make it smoother compared to some of the competitors on the market.

Hexagon, triangle, strips, or mix lights

Cololight is currently available in three styles/ configurations (Hexagon Light, Mix Light, and Lighting Strip) and a fourth style to the collection has just been added - Triangle Light. Out of these, Hexagon Light and Mix Light are lighting panels consisting of independent light beads that can be individually or collectively controlled, making them ideal for room and home decor.

Mix Light is best for dynamic ambient lights for gaming, and Lighting Strip can be installed against your walls for dynamic mood lighting. You can purchase these lighting panels and strips in pre-designed clusters or configurations, or you can purchase individual pieces to combine them according to your specific design preferences. You can play with them as you want.

Unlike some other lights, you can also stand them on your desktop, so if you don't want to wall-mount them you're in luck.

Independent, completely editable light beads

Cololight Hexagon and Mix panels consist of light beads with independent colour control. As such, you can ensure smooth light transitions within each panel for maximum lighting optimization. Furthermore, each light bead can transition through 16 million colour options, ensuring smooth transitions without any light spots or breaks. You can enjoy smooth, uniform, and flawless colour rendering.

Making your own colour schemes, by colouring beads of multiple frames and choosing the transitions between them can lead to some really magical effects.

Make your lights dance to the music

All of Cololight's lights can automatically adjust according to the beats and rhythms of your music and video games, while Triangle can even do so if you're using headphones. You can sync the colours of your gaming room according to the rhythm of the music, ensuring a dynamic lighting experience. If you want an immersive experience while listening to music or playing video games, Cololight panels are the way to go.

Connect and link in any sequence or pattern

You can attach the Cololight Hexagon and Triangle panels to your walls or mount them on your desktop, and each panel can be connected to other panels in numerous permutations and combinations. You can connect Cololight Triangle panels side-to-side, side-to-corner, or corner-to-corner in multiple configurations, allowing you to create any pattern you choose, ensuring optimal customization.

Plus, however you arrange them, you can control all of your lights as one group using the app, making it really easy to change what they're displaying without having to fiddle around too much.

Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant

Cololight works with your smart home ecosystem, and it can be integrated with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa Assistant or Stream Deck. You can use voice control or numerous smart home automation presets to control your Cololight panels, ensuring a personalized experience. For example, you can command Alexa to dim your Cololight panels at night or imitate the colours of a sunrise early in the morning.

If you get the Hexagon Plus or Strip models, you can also get compatibility with Apple HomeKit, for easy integration with Siri and more.

Best of all, in early March Cololight is launching full integration with Razer's Chroma platform to make it super easy to sync up all your lights and have unified effects across your PC and smart lighting. When you add that to Stream Deck, you have so much control.

You don't have to settle for stationary lights - modify and customize your home to represent your true personality and creative spirit with Cololight! You can check out its full range on both Amazon UK and Amazon US, too.

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