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Wednesday 2 March 2022

Polestar sets pulses racing with Polestar O2 concept roadster

It's fair to say that Polestar is winning fans left, right and centre, and the unveiling of the Polestar O2 roadster concept is only going to continue that.

The O2 is a hard top convertible, with sleek lines and a 2+2 configuration inside, classic sports car stuff - low, long and full of purpose.

Polestar says this is about showing that the future of cars is electric and that while some will crave that throb of the engine, there's going to be some magnificence in top-down driving in silence.

Not much has been said about the performance of this new model, but there's talk about the sporty drive and direct steering, while the interior uses recycled polyester for all the soft surfaces.

Like all concepts, it's a vision and a statement, but the thing that's great about concepts like this, is that it looks like a finished car. We wouldn't be surprised if Polestar launched this with almost no design changes in the future.

There is one thing to talk about though - the drone.

Polestar says that the drone isn't just a gimmick, but we can't help feeling that's exactly what it is.

"In a world increasingly driven by social media, the Polestar O2 features an autonomous cinematic drone integrated behind the rear seats," Polestar says in its press material.

"Developed in collaboration with Aerofugia's consumer electronics brand Hoco Flow, the concept drone can be deployed while the car is moving, to record the perfect driving sequence."

What this really says about Polestar - apart from wanting to be the ultimate influencer car - is that this is a car that everyone will want to look at. That's fair enough, it's a great looking thing.

Polestar plans to launch three new cars over the coming years, drawing from the inspiration that comes from concepts like this. Whether the O2 makes it to production remains to be seen, but Polestar is giving us plenty to be excited about.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/polestar/160252-polestar-sets-pulses-racing-with-polestar-o2-concept-roadster

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