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Monday 7 March 2022

Keep track of your cats with Tractive

Cat parents undoubtedly want their kittens and fur-balls to have all the freedom and liberty they want. Cats like to roam around independently instead of staying cooped up within the home. They're fiercely independent, and they appreciate you trusting them to always return home. But when they're away from home, cat parents can't help but worry about their location.

Studies have shown that 34 percent of all pet owners lose their cat at least once - that figure makes sense, considering a cat's indomitable free spirit. And it's also worth noting that 6 million animals enter animal shelters every year in the United States. Many of them are pets that may have wandered too far from their parents.

Tractive is a small, comfortable device that allows you to keep track of your cats. Wherever your cat goes, you can track its movements using your handy smartphone app. The Tractive device is the world's leading GPS and activity tracker, and it's uniquely designed to be attached to a regular cat collar, so it's also incredibly comfortable.

Tractive's cat tracker was developed by Dr Laura Lidauer, a proud cat parent with a PhD in feline creatures. She conducts research at the Vienna University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences (BOKU), specializing in cats and animal activity data. Who better than a cat parent and expert to create the perfect GPS tracker that cats (and their parents) will love?


Tractive has a wide range of features that make it incredibly useful for cat parents - we highlight some of the most exciting features below.

Virtually follow your cat wherever it goes

Tractive is a curved device that can be attached to your cat's collar. Once it's attached, the GPS device within Tractive provides live updates about the cat's location, wherever it might go. You can follow your cat's every step virtually, with updates every 2 to 3 seconds. The device features an inbuilt SIM card that ensures unlimited range across the United States and Canada - your cat will never go out of sight again.

Discover your cat's favourite spots

Cat parents often wonder where their cats go when they're out of sight. Cats are fiercely independent creatures, and they love finding small nooks and corners to call their own. Thanks to Tractive, you can check your cat's location history so you know exactly where it has gone for the past 365 days. Furthermore, the heat map also allows you to gauge your cat's most and least frequented spots. You can feel closer to your cat than ever before.

Get notified when your cat crosses a boundary

It's extremely hard to control your cat's movements, but you should be aware of them. Tractive lets you set safe spaces for your cat, such as your home's yard or the neighbourhood. Whenever your cat steps out of that boundary, you receive an instant push notification on your phone. You can then follow the live feed to get your cat before it wanders too far away. This feature allows you to prevent your cats from wandering far.

Monitor the cat's activity and sleep levels

Tractive allows you to monitor your cat's activity levels, calories, and sleep levels. Thanks to this feature, you can ensure your cat remains fit and healthy and that it receives ample rest. Furthermore, you can also track sudden behaviour changes that might signal health problems, and you can offer that information to the veterinarian for assessment. Activity monitoring allows you to ensure your cat remains healthy and proactively prevent health problems.

Share your cat's location and activities with others

Tractive is designed for family sharing. Even with one subscription, you can easily share access to Tractive with your friends, family members, and cat-sitters. As such, even if you're away from your cat, you can make sure that the cat-sitter keeps track of the cat. They can also download the Tractive app on their smartphones to access the same features.

Suitable for adventurous cats

Tractive is the perfect GPS and activity tracker for adventurous cats. It's scratch and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting disabled in the rain. The comfortable collar design ensures your cat won't try taking it off - and won't succeed if it tries. The device has up to 7 days of battery life, so you don't have to charge it too often.

Light and sound capabilities for the dark

The Tractive device features intuitive light and sound capabilities. If it's dark outside, you can engage the light and sound features, and the GPS device will shine and release an alarm, allowing you to track your cat in the dark. This feature is particularly useful for cat parents whose cats tend to wander off at night.

Tractive is a must-have device for all cat parents. It allows you to track your cat's movements, locations, activities, and health, ensuring your cat is never lost. Give your cats the freedom they need and deserve while maintaining complete peace of mind.


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