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Thursday 3 March 2022

Is this what the Apple AR headset will look like?

There have been plenty of rumours and leaks about Apple's upcoming AR headset over the last few months. The latest of these include info from supply-chain sources that claim it might well be launching this summer. 

A number of those previous leaks have included ideas of what it might look like as well as patent listings. Using those, LetsGoDigital and content creator Jermaine Smit has crafted some renders of what the headset might look like. 

As you can see, the design of the headset features a large visor and an adjustable head strap. On the inside, there's some comfortable looking padding, no doubt to help ease pressure on your face while you're wearing it. Indeed, previous reports have also suggested that Apple is looking to keep the headset's weight down to 150 grams in order to make it easy to wear comfortably for a long time. 

What the renders don't show though, is what's going on underneath. The specs and setup of the lenses are what will matter of course. According to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple's AR headset will feature as many as 15 cameras designed to help with tracking. 

There are also claims that the headset will pack two chips, one offering similar power to Apple's M1 chip. Those will be used to drive the two 4K Micro OLED displays housed within its frame while also tracking your movement and more. 

All this is set to come at quite a price though, with estimates putting the headset at over $2,000 retail. 

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