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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Everything we know about State of Decay 3: Trailer, gameplay details and more

The State of Decay series might not have been a huge AAA franchise from the first second, but it's quietly grown into one with a cult following, and that success has been confirmed by Microsoft purchasing its developer Undead Labs in 2018.

Now there's a third game on the way, and while much about the game is still under wraps, we've gathered all of the key details for you right here.

State of Decay 3 trailer

The only really concrete bit of public information about the next State of Decay came in mid-2020, when we got the pre-rendered trailer you can see below.

It's an atmospheric and fairly brief piece, but gets across the tone that the game is likely to be shooting for with a clever inversion of what you'd expect to see while out hunting.

State of Decay 3 release date and platforms

The trailer doesn't end with any sort of release window, so we're sadly in the dark when it comes to an expected release date for State of Decay 3.

There has been a little noise on that front, though, with Phil Spencer mentioning in March 2022 that he's been trying out the game and is hugely impressed by how it iterates on the previous title in the series. That makes it sound like we might not have to wait too long for a bit more information to appear.

Where we can be a little more confident, though, is around the platforms it'll appear on. Since the developer is now owned by Microsoft Studios, you can be almost certain that it'll only come out on Xbox and PC.

We also expect the game to hit Game Pass on its release date, as another reason to sign up to Microsoft's great subscription service.

State of Decay 3 gameplay and story

While the one trailer we have for the game is entirely CGI, it nonetheless helps us to glean some information about what the game might include when it releases.

For one thing, it confirms that we'll again be having to concentrate on survival by scavenging and hunting for food, while the cold weather that's featured prominently might mean warmth and shelter mechanics could enter the field of play.

The prominent (and scary) zombiefied deer in the trailer also makes us hope that there's an expanded amount of wildlife to worry about, both of the infected and normal sort.

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