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Monday 7 March 2022

Apple Watch Series 8 could have body temperature sensor and new chip

There have already been a number of rumours surrounding Apple's next smartwatch due out later this year and expected to be called the Apple Watch Series 8, though the latest report comes from a very reliable source.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has said in his latest edition of his Power On newsletter that Apple could announce three Apple Watch models in 2022, including a model tailored towards extreme sports, a standard Series 8 and a refreshed SE model. 

According to the newsletter, the Watch Series 8 - which would succeed the Series 7 - could offer a body temperature sensor. Other health sensors, like a blood pressure sensor, have previously appeared in rumours in the past, though Gurman believes they will come to future Apple Watch models rather than the 2022 devices.

Gurman did say that the Apple Watch models coming this are expected to get a big chip update across the board though, something the company didn't do between the Series 6 and Series 7, and major updates to activity are also touted.

He claims it could be the biggest year for Apple in Apple Watch history but maintained no major new health sensors would appear except the body temperature sensor. It's also expected that the design will remain the same and the Watch Series 3 could be ditched this year.

You can read all the rumours surrouding the Apple Watch Series 8 in our separate feature.

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