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Tuesday 1 March 2022

Amazon Luna launches in the US with Twitch and free games for Prime members

After months of testing, Amazon's cloud-based game streaming service, Luna, has officially launched in the US with some interesting new perks.

First announced in late 2020, Luna has only been available to a limited number of people through an invite-only "early access" program. Now, it's available for anyone in the US to use, and it comes with a host of new features, including three additional "channels" and free games for Amazon Prime members.

Luna's channels are really bundles of games that you can subscribe to every month. Currently, Amazon offers the primary Luna Plus channel for $5.99 per month, the Ubisoft Plus channel for $17.99 per month, and the Family Channel for $2.99. But the latest new channel is Amazon is introducing is called Prime Gaming Channel. Like Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, it provides Prime members with some free games to play. In March, for instance, Prime members will have access to Devil May Cry 5, Observer, System Redux, PHOGS!, and Flashback.

The other two new channels cost $4.99 per month and are called Retro Channel and Jackbox Games Channel. Retro Channel includes classic games like Street Fighter II and Metal Slug 3, while Jackbox Games Channel has all eight Jackbox Party Pack titles as well as a new Luna Couch feature that lets other friends join you even if they don't subscribe to Luna.

In addition to these channels, Amazon is adding native support for Twitch, so you can press a button to stream your game with a camera feed overlay. There is also a QR code for those playing on Fire TV, so they can link their phone to use as a webcam. Amazon is offering the ability to use an iPhone or Android phone as a controller when you're playing on Fire TV, too.

For more about Luna and how the service works, see Pocket-lint's guide:

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