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Tuesday 15 March 2022

6 reasons Wondershare Filmora 11 is the best video editor for content creators just starting out

In the age of TikTok and Instagram Reels, everyone is a content creator thriving on visual media. Videos are undoubtedly a superior means of capturing your life and personality, offering greater avenues for creativity. But until recently, video content creation has been a tiring and tedious process necessitating the use of complex, expensive software. Not anymore.

Wondershare Filmora 11 is the best video editor for content creators just starting out, or those who want to produce Hollywood-level visuals and content without spending years on training. Filmora 11 simplifies the video editing process using smart, intuitive features that can automate repetitive tasks.

From speed ramping, auto beat sync, and auto synchronization to a stock media library with over 10 million files, Filmora 11 gives content creators everything they need to bring their inspirations to life. Below, we highlight 6 key reasons Filmora 11 is the best video editor for content creators just starting out.

Start video editing with zero learning curve

Filmora 11 has been designed for new and experienced content creators, and so it offers a scalable experience. Even if you're a beginner, you can start cutting and editing your videos like a pro. Once you launch the software on your computer, you can access everything you need from the toolbar, including media, audio, titles, effects, split-screen formatting, elements, and transitions.

Each of these features includes hundreds of additional options that you can simply drag and drop to your chosen footage. You can also chop the videos by simply pausing on a specific frame within your shot and clicking the scissors symbol. Filmora 11 also comes with pre-set aspect ratios and resolutions tailored to your chosen media, so you don't need to sweat the technical details. Starting without all the technical knowledge has never been easier!

Gradually increase or decrease the acceleration of a video clip with the speed ramping feature

Speed ramping is one of Filmora 11's most innovative new features. This feature allows you to gradually accelerate or decelerate the speed of a video clip with a smooth transition between the various speeds. This super-speed effect can add a cinematic touch to your videos, allowing you to tell the story according to your speed preferences.

Until recently, professionals in the filmmaking industry used manual techniques for speed ramping. But Filmora 11 brings this feature to the average user.

Match the video footage with the chosen music with the Auto Beat Sync feature

Music plays an extremely important role in videos. They set the mood for the video, informing the viewer how they should feel while watching the video. They also allow viewers to reach into your mindset at the time of the video. Most content creators spend hours selecting the correct music for each moment and then selecting just the right moment to play the music.

Wondershare Filmora 11 simplifies and automates the music sourcing and beat syncing features. Once you select your music, you can have the software automatically detect the beats within your music and have your visual media fit within those beats. You can also use Filmora's library of hundreds of categorized audio files to source just the right music for every occasion. This is the most intuitive means of matching the video footage to the correct music.

Automatically synchronize audios and videos captured from multiple cameras in one scene

Professional content creators use multiple cameras to capture the same scene from different angles. They may use one camera to capture the entire scene, close-up and other cameras to capture facial expressions and different angles. When different angles are seamlessly stitched together, it can help your audience have a more immersive experience as they watch your video.

When stitching the footage from multiple cameras, the biggest challenge is syncing the videos and audios. The viewer shouldn't be consciously aware that the camera angles are changing - a trick that can only be mastered through seamless synchronization. Filmora 11 automatically synchronizes the audios and videos captured from multiple cameras, so you don't have to handle this tedious task yourself.

Browse through 10 million+ stock media files

When producing videos, you may need to use stock images and videos to represent different aspects of your content. Perhaps you want some nature footage, business footage, or travel scenes to visually represent the music, spoken word, or text. Filmora 11 has a library of 10 million+ royalty-free stock media files, which you can easily import and use to enhance your videos.

Create a complete video with just one click using preset templates, Filmora AI, and Instant Mode

The features mentioned above certainly make the video editing process a breeze. But do you want to simplify the process even more? Do you want to produce a complete video with just one click? Well, Filmora 11's Instant Mode allows you to create a complete video at once using intelligent, automated templates and artificial intelligence capabilities - this is the perfect option for content creators who don't want to spend hours on video editing.

Filmora 11 has up to 115 video templates for different categories, such as business, travel, vlogs, slideshows, and more. The Filmora AI automatically identifies the ideal edits, cuts, transitions, and effects for your video and produces a complete video. All it takes is one click. After an edit has been made automatically through the use of these templates, you can then choose to make additional adjustments or build on top of what has already been started for you.

Wondershare Filmora 11 offers hundreds of innovative features that enhance your video creation capabilities. Whether you're a complete beginner with no time to spare on content creation or a professional, Filmora 11 is highly scalable for all needs.

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