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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Xbox Series X and S get new 512GB and 2TB Seagate Storage Cards

As was rumoured just a couple of weeks ago, Xbox has announced new storage sizes for the Series S and Series X's expansion cards, made in partnership with Seagate.

We had plenty of evidence that the smaller of the new cards was coming, at 512GB, but it's also being joined by a 2TB option for those who really do want swathes of space for their console.

The smaller drive costs $139.99, while the biggest version is set at a chunky $399.99, and the smaller option is now available to pre-order from Walmart in the US, ahead of a launch in mid-November. Retailers in the UK and Europe will doubtless appear fairly soon, too.

The 2TB drive is seemingly a little delayed, and will apparently launch in early December, with pre-orders in November. You can find full details of the new cards, including instructions on how to install them in case you weren't clear on that, on the Xbox blog post announcing them.

The news will be a boon for anyone who fancied expanding their storage, especially on the slightly restrictive Series S, but wasn't thrilled by the price of the standard 1TB drive. That said, the 512GB card is still hardly priced at the budget end of the market.

By comparison, it isn't too challenging to find a PS5-compatible internal SSD, with double the storage at 1TB, plus a third-party heatsink, for that same price.

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