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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Updated MG ZS EV promises 273 miles range, gets a smart new grille

MG has been shaking things up in the EV stakes, with one of the most affordable EVs on the roads. The MG ZS EV has proven popular and there's an update coming.

This is a fairly typical facelift that often comes after a few years of a car being on sale, most notably here closing off the grille, so it looks distinctly different to other ZS variants.

At first glance there's a hint of Hyundai Kona Electric from that nose, but we do think this is a lift for the better, resulting in a more attractive MG ZS EV. There's also a new rear bumper and wheels.

The New MG ZS EV has been revealed. Our top selling #EV gets up to 273-mile range and a fresh new look. Like more? Get more on https://t.co/otJznhFOzq #MGCars #MGZSEV #ElectricCars pic.twitter.com/mlPzpw4RtI

â€" MG Motor UK (@MGmotor) October 7, 2021

But the big change is in battery options. The original (or current) MG ZS EV has a 44.5kWh battery which offers 163 miles of range. The new model will have either a 73kWh battery offering 273 miles of range or a 51kWh battery for 198 miles of range.

That's going to see the MG ZS EV potentially competing with some of the longer range models currently on the market - like the aforementioned Hyundai Kona Electric or the Kia e-Niro.

The MG will support up to 76kW charging, so it's not the fastest on the road, but that will mean it can take advantage of some of the more powerful chargers out there.

On the interior there's new instrument cluster, a 10.1-inch touchscreen and on the Trophy level of trim, wireless phone charging.

The prices will be announced in November 2021 and we're expecting it to remain one of the most affordable EVs around.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/cars/news/158709-updated-mg-zs-ev-promises-273-miles-range-gets-a-smart-new-grille

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