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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

The best 1TB SSD 2021: Top terabyte solid state drives

Solid State Drives, or SSDs as they're more commonly known, can be pretty significant game-changers if you're not used to them. It's one thing if you can fit one to your computer or laptop internally, but they're just as useful as external drives.

They effectively wave goodbye to the sad old days of sitting around waiting for backups and file transfers that might take hours and hours at the best of times, speeding up transfers massively and also generally shrinking down the drive's size by a good margin, too. There's some variation in the size of external SSD on the market, of course, but we feel that 1 Terabyte is often a safe place for people to land.

That amount gives you loads of room for data, videos and photos, but is also an amount that people might actually use, rather than a yawning chasm of space that's never actually going to be filled.

That's why we've gathered together the very best 1TB SSDs on the market for you, right here, after testing their speed, durability and value as part of an extensive review process.

Our top pick is the Samsung T7 Touch. Also worth considering are the ADATA SE800, SanDisk Extreme Portable, Gtech G-Drive and Samsung X5 Thunderbolt3.

The best 1TB drive to buy today

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