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Monday, 25 October 2021

How to watch the Asus ROG Break all Limits virtual event

Asus is gearing up to reveal a number of things at the Break all Limits virtual event including its next generation of Intel motherboards and other gaming gear. 

At the upcoming Intel Innovation event that's happening between 27 and 28 October, the CPU giant is expected to announce a number of new products. Those include Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake processors that promise a number of exciting things from the next generation including super-fast DDR5 RAM and PCI-Express gen 5.0 memory as well. 

It makes sense then, that Asus is also set to reveal its line-up of new products. On 27 October, the company is holding a virtual event referred to as "Break all Limits".

Asus says it will be revealing a number of products during this special event, but will also be giving away some of its best gear to those tuning in as well. So it'll be well worth watching for Asus fans. 

How to watch ROG Break all Limits

The ROG Break all Limits event is happening online, so everyone can tune in to watch and see what's being revealed by the company. 

You can currently register to get notified when the stream is due to kick off here. 

ROG Break all Limits is happening on 27 October at the following times:

  • 01:00 Taipei (CST)
  • 13:00 New York (EDT)
  • 18:00 London (BST)
  • 19:00 Berlin (UTC+2)

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Step 1️ ▶️ Join the Livestream
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(Check out the top prizes in thread.)

Add to calendar.

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