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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Citymapper voice instructions let you navigate with your phone in your pocket

Citymapper, one of the smartest navigation apps for cities, has enabled voice instructions, so you'll be able to get your route guidance through your headphones, leaving your phone in your pocket.

Citymapper has long been one of our favourite transport apps. It can blend different types of transport and walking routes, so if you're in a city like London where you have lots of options, it can give you the fastest option blending transit types.

The problem with navigating when you're not sure where you're going is the constant looking at your phone - especially when you start walking.

To get around this, Citymapper will now talk to you, telling you where to turn if you're walking, giving you the name of the street. That means you can leave your phone in your pocket, keep your headphones on and you avoid looking lost.

That will provide some reassurance to some users in cities they don't know, as looking lost and wondering around with your phone in your hand immediate makes you look like an easy target.

The instructions can also be used for public transport, guiding you to the bus stop and telling you when the bus is coming, as well as telling you when to get off. Google Maps Navigation will offer similar auto feedback, but Citymapper will often give better mixed transit instructions - and having the app tell you the bus stop number or platform for your train, is really useful.

How to use Citymapper voice instructions

  1. Head into the Citymapper app, making sure you're using the latest version.
  2. Plan your route as you normally would.
  3. Hit the Go button to make it live.
  4. On the navigation screen, hit the speaker icon. This will change to a headphones icon if you have headphones connected.
  5. That's it!

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