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Monday, 18 October 2021

Apple HomePod mini receives colour makeover - three new finishes available this fall

Apple HomePod mini is receiving a makeover, with a series of new colours announced during the Apple Unleashed event.

The new finishes join the current white and space grey variations of the smart home speaker, with orange, blue, and yellow available for the same $99 / £99 price tag this November.

The company didn't announce anything groundbreaking to the 3.3-inch speaker during the event, but the fact new colours have landed do perhaps suggest it sees it as the head of the home for the foreseeable. With the original Apple HomePod now discontinued, the HomePod mini is now firmly the central player of Apple's smart home - and Siri.

The three new colours also provide much-needed design options for those looking to style their space with the speaker - something that gives it a slight advantage over the current crop of similar Google and Amazon speakers.

Apple notes that the colour will continue to encompass the mesh fabric exterior, volume icons and woven power cable, with the tinted touch surface also matching.

Also announced alongside the new colours for the speaker was Voice Plans, a new, cheaper Apple Music subscription tier that relies on Siri to function - hence the name. It's ideal for those that use the HomePod mini, but don't necessarily want to get dragged into the full Apple Music experience on other devices.

With little to no rumours of a HomePod mini 2 - and, as we've already mentioned, the original HomePod being dead and buried - now could prove to be a great time to jump into Apple's smart home ecosystem. It's never looked better, after all.

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